REC Program FAQs

Recreational Program

Q: What are the goals of the Wilsonville Recreational Basketball Program?

A: Our Recreational program is designed to give students exposure to the game of basketball in a less competitive environment than our Select Program. The Wilsonville Recreation basketball program emphasizes age-appropriate skill development and techniques, while encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship in a fun environment.

Q: What team will my kid play on and how are the teams chosen?

A: The teams will be created by the evaluators, current coaches and the coordinator on assessment day. This will be done by distributing players as evenly as possible across teams based on their ratings. Kids who are not in attendance on the assessment day may be switched around to balance the teams. The rec coordinator will be the one who decides where these kids end up.

Teams will be posted on the WBA website approximately 2 weeks after the assessment day. You will also receive an e-mail regarding which team your child has been placed on. The coordinator may make changes to teams as kids join, drop out, or injuries occur and will expect the full cooperation of both coaches and players/families. Balancing teams is the main goal for rec basketball so friends and neighbors requesting to be placed on the same team for whatever reason will not be honored.

Q: Who coaches our kids?

A: Volunteer parent coaches make our program work. Head coaches may select one assistant to coach with them on their team.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with a coach?

A: Contact the WBA Community Advocate via his email. He/She will be in charge of involving the right parties to resolving your problem.

Q: How do I become a coach?

A: Fill out the registration on our website for coaches and volunteers in the Recreational Program section of our webpage and someone from the WBA will contact you about the application process. (A link about coaching appears in the rightmost column on of this page.)

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with a referee?

A: Again, contact theWBA Community Advocate via email. He/She will be in charge of involving the right parties to resolving your problem. It will be very helpful to the Advocate if you can state the specific behaviors you disagree with that the referee for your child's game exhibited.

Q: Where can I find the league rules?

A: The REC League Rules can be found here.

Q: What kind of equipment does my kid need?

A: Basketball shoes, gym shorts and a Basketball (see rules for appropriate size). Your child's coach may specify additional equipment.

Q: How many games are there in a season?

A: There are 10 games in our Recreational League season. Games are played on Saturdays. Our first games are on December 10th, 17th, then stop for the Winter Break. Games will resume January 7th and every Saturday after that until February 18th. There will be a end of seaon tournament the weekend of February 25th.

Q: When are practices?

A: Practices will start the week of November 25th and are held during the school week. You will receive specific time and location information from your child's coach.

Q: How long are practices?

A: Practices are one hour to one and a half hours in length.

Q: How many practices are there in a week?

A: There are approximately two practices per week.

Q: Where does the WBA get the officials who referee the Select and Rec games and how much are they paid?

A: For Select games, the WBA contracts with a private referee service that provides trained referees. The WBA pays that service approximately $30 per referee, per game. For Rec games, the WBA uses local high school students that have a background in basketball, and pays those referees $15 per game


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